The best iPad2 cover I purchased – Kensington

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The best iPad2 cover I purchased – Kensington
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Every parent knows that when they purchase an iPad, the ownership is automatically transferred to their kids. That means the only chance you will get  to use the iPad is when the kids are asleep or when they are in school.

My first mistake… (I know some of you might be thinking that it’s having kids – OF COURSE THAT’S NOT IT! I love my kids and they mean the world to me, even if they do take my beloved iPad away from me)… Let me refocus and think about that for a while. Ok, so my first mistake after purchasing the iPad was not to put too much thought into which cover to buy. I always thought “a cover is a cover”, as long as it looks nice and it’s affordable then I should buy it. So the first cover I decided to purchase was the Yoobao cover because it looked nice (I had buy in from a fashion guru… my wife) and I was able to get it for less than $40.00 from ebay.


The photos speak for themselves:

After about 4 months of usage by the kids, the Yoobao cover started falling into pieces. The front cover pocket was coming off – I think the seam of the two pieces was glued together? Could be a reason why it didn’t last for too long?

The other problem was that the iPad could not be securely locked/fixed into the cover pocket, which meant that the beloved iPad was dropped a couple of times. Luckily and surprisingly, after the constant drops, bumps and bruises, the iPad still worked (thumbs up to Apple’s design team). I obviously didn’t blame my son for these incidents but the look on his face gave me a good indication that he felt bad about it. I just blame myself for not making the right choice when I purchased the cover.

The Solution

So after seeing the iPad being dropped a few times, I decided that it was time to give my beloved iPad some tender love and care… it was time to get another cover – a cover that would protect it and securely lock it into the cover. After some researching and reading many reviews, I decided to buy the Kensington Protective Folio & Stand for iPad 2. Why? Well have a read of this – I highlighted the important keywords that immediately prompted me to buy it:

Take your iPad® ® 2 on the road with confidence with the Kensington Protective Folio and Stand. The Folio hard case envelops  your iPad® ® 2 to cushion it from bumps and bruises.

Not convinced? Have a look at my iPad with the new Kensington cover:

The cover is thin (actually compared to the Yoobao it’s thicker) but it has very good padding and hence the reason why it’s thicker. From the images, you can clearly see that the hard case is shaped to protect and cushion all sides and corners of the iPad.  Unlike the Yoobao, the Kensington has a synthetic black leather finish with stitched edging.

Some of the other benefits is that it has four secured standing positions which will allow you to adjust the angle for optimized browsing, viewing and reading. The cover also maintains full access to both front and back cameras and also the magnetic cover enables wake and sleep modes when folio is opened or closed.

 Where to buy?

You can purchase the Kensington Protective Folio & Stand for iPad 2 directly from Kensington’s website for $49.95 + flat rate shipping. I ended up purchasing mine from for $31.50 + flat rate shipping. You can probably find other companies (have a read of a previous post I wrote about the best online shopping websites to buy computer parts) that will sell the same item, so just shop around.

The verdict

My iPad2 is protected, the kids are happy, I’m happy so what more could I ask for.  I’m now confident that my iPad is well protected and safe. Thank you Kensington.

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