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Shopping Tips 101 Vouchers and Coupon codes

Shopping Tips 101 Vouchers and Coupon codes

SqueakGeek August 1, 2012 0

If you’re an online shopping junkie like me, you’ll probably have figured this out already but how many of you actually check to see whether there is a valid discount coupon or voucher before

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Have you seen “Misleading sales”

Squeakaholic July 17, 2009 0

I was watching Today Tonight the other day and I was quite surprised at the different techniques large retail stores were using to mislead their customers to thinking they are having a sale or

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Budget Boots – ACA

Squeakaholic June 18, 2009 0

It seems everyone is trying to help us save $$. Last night’s episode of A Current Affair went in search of budget boots! You can view the story at The top budget choices

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QVB – Free Gift

Squeakaholic May 5, 2009 0

Don’t miss out on your free gift from Aveda simply by shopping at QVB! Spend $500 in one day at QVB, visit Concierge on Ground Floor to have your receipts validated, then head to

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Win $1000 To make a fashion statement

Squeakaholic March 23, 2009 0

Do you love shopping at Westfields Chatswood? Who doesn’t, and who wouldn’t love to win a $1000 Gift card from Westfield Chatswood. Here’s the details on how to enter: Give your winter wardrobe a

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10 ideas for eating healthy on a shoestring

Squeakaholic March 13, 2009 0

Trying to be healthy and trying to save money doesn’t always go hand in hand. Here are 10 ideas for eating healthy on a shoestring by Jennifer Pinkerton from 1. Don’t go shopping

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Parramatta Bridal Shopping

Squeakaholic February 17, 2009 0

Are you planning for the big day? As any bride-to-be knows – shopping for THE wedding dress or even bridesmaid’s dress can be painful. You can spend a lot of time looking for the

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Top 3 tips for safely buying on eBay

Squeakaholic February 16, 2009 0

Have you ever bought anything on eBay ( There are some people that are afraid of buying things on eBay but I’ve bought several things on eBay without any problems and the best thing

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Places to shop in Sydney …

Squeakaholic February 3, 2009 0

As some of you may know from my previous article Top 10 tips for bargain shopping in Sydney I’m a huge fan of getting great bargains in one location so here’s a quick list

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Top 10 Tips for Bargain Shopping in Sydney

Squeakaholic December 22, 2008 0

You may be wondering what my qualifications are in this field and all I can tell you is that I’ve got a LOT of experience bargain shopping in Sydney. I’ve attended hundreds of sales

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Shopping Warehouses, Centres and Factory Outlets in Sydney

Squeakaholic December 4, 2008 0

I started collating a list of all the Shopping Warehouses and Factory Outlets in Sydney so I thought I would share it with everyone. I’ll update the list with addresses in the next couple

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