Top 3 tips for safely buying on eBay

Squeakaholic February 16, 2009 0

Have you ever bought anything on eBay ( There are some people that are afraid of buying things on eBay but I’ve bought several things on eBay without any problems and the best thing is that I get great bargains on eBay. It’s also a great place to get ideas for gifts especially if you are looking for unique items or items that are no longer sold.

Here are three tips for successfully buying on eBay. Let me know if you have any other tips.

1.      Look before you buy

Just because the item is online doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to find out exactly what you are buying. Research the item to make sure you get what you want. Ask for pictures or descriptions of the item. Find out what condition it’s in and if you aren’t sure then don’t buy. Contact the seller with any questions before you buy.

Users on eBay have a feedback rating based on transactions that you have made either as a seller or a buyer. Check the seller’s feedback to see if there are any negative comments or issues. This is also a good time to make sure that you check your own feedback rating. Have you been a good buyer?

2.      How much will you be paying?

Understand the bidding system of eBay. It’s based on the maximum bid price you have placed and does not usually include postage and handling. Check to see what the cost is for postage and handling, whether you can pick up the item and calculate whether you still want to purchase the item. Use the ‘watch the item’ feature to keep an eye on the item if you aren’t sure if you want to bid on it.

Sometimes the seller will offer a discount for multiple purchases but to be safe, contact the seller and ask whether they can combine the postage costs if you buy several items. If the items have different auction dates ask if you can pay for the items after the last auction date to see if you have been successful. Good communication is the key and can save you money.

3.      How will you be paying?

Before making your bid ensure that you can comply with the payment requirements. Some sellers require specific requirements such as a Pay Pal account or they may require that you contact the seller with payment within a specified timeframe. If you can’t meet the timeframe (you may be overseas or without internet access) make sure you contact the seller with your explanation. If you can’t pay then don’t bother bidding.

Happy bidding.

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