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Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival

Squeakaholic June 8, 2009 0

Who would have thought that attending an event like the annual Darling Harbour Jazz and Blues Festival would grab you great bargains. This June long weekend I enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors and when

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Stimulus Package: How did you spend your $900.00?

Squeakaholic April 3, 2009 0

For those of you who received the government’s $900.00, how did you spend this? For those of you who haven’t received the money yet, how will you spend this? Browse around the Squeak Website

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Net a great deal

Squeakaholic February 15, 2009 0

From this weekend’s Sunday’s Telegraph’s Value Hunter by Lorna Knowles (15 February 2009) – Net a great deal. The article deals with websites that are offering to help stressed out consumers beat the economic

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Places to shop in Sydney …

Squeakaholic February 3, 2009 0

As some of you may know from my previous article Top 10 tips for bargain shopping in Sydney I’m a huge fan of getting great bargains in one location so here’s a quick list

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Christmas Shopping Tips & Gift Ideas

Squeakaholic October 2, 2008 0

Yes it’s that time of the year again. Time for the dreaded Christmas shopping! Looking at the stores you’ll notice that the Christmas decorations are already up and they probably have been up for

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