Fine Tune your Fashion

Squeakaholic July 20, 2012 0
Fine Tune your Fashion
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Music and fashion have always been the best of companions when it comes to dictating what is ‘in’ and what is ‘trash’. And it does not matter whether they are the tight ripped jeans of the rockers, or the meat-slab ensembles of the Gaga’s, they do influence the dress sense of thousands, if not millions, around the world.

So what happens when music becomes fashion? Confused? Let me clarify. You wake a little dazed and a little agitated because you have to go to work. You’re dreary and not looking forward to the heap of work you should have had done by yesterday. You make it just in time to catch the train, run in as the doors begin to close and you are met with a mob of workers and school children alike, sporting a myriad of types of headphones. I confess! I am one of them. Damn I feel so cool.

I know some of you may dislike them. And I know that you may find it repugnant when someone else is rocking to tunes turned up too loud – so loud that you feel it is encroaching into your personal space. But have you ever empathised with the listener? Imagine being in a state of euphoria, the calm before the workplace storm, the gentle tides before the tsunami, the tender kiss before the break up – can you really hold it against them? But music is music. Why do we need a set of funky hardware? Why not use the set of 1995 earphones that you got with your dead-and-gone Nintendo Gameboy?

I think it adds a touch of class. You wear a suit – you’re labelled as all work no play. You wear a suit sporting a set of Beats by Dr Dre Monster headphones – you’re down to earth. Oh, and when they hang off your neck when you’re not listening to music, plain and simply, the epitome of cool – iceberg cool. There are times though, where I secretly wish Beats by Dr Dre weren’t so popular. It seems like every man and his dog possess a pair of them. But this does not matter to someone who feels somewhat proud to have played a part in pioneering its popularity.

So think twice next time you’re in the market for a new set of headphones. Ask yourself whether you really want to be like 99% of the crowd? Make a statement! Stand out! Whether it be Beats by Dr Dre, BOSE, Skull Candy – choose one that accentuates your personality. Be bold and always stay cool. Until next time, take care, dress well and impress!

This one is on sale for $179 USD from Amazon – Image obtained from

This is the one I purchased! $269.99 USD from Amazon – Image obtained from

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