The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Squeakaholic September 18, 2012 0
The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

The internet has completely revolutionised and transformed our daily routines as it has etched it’s way into every nook and cranny of our technology-centred lives. Not only has social media worn down the barriers between the real and virtual worlds, but the huge range of internet uses we now enjoy have integrated this medium seamlessly tinto every aspect of our lifestyle. We now use the internet to research, watch movies, read the newspaper, play games, listen to radio and of course sell and buy goods. And what better goods to buy over the internet than clothes.

Online shopping has taken the world by storm over recent years and it has radically changed the way we think about clothing, and our consumption of them. Rather than having to brave the outside weather and the masses of people by travelling from store to store and searching through and trying on outfit after outfit, online shopping means that we can simply look through various garments from the comfort of our own home and purchase as many items as we want with the simple click of a button (oh and the entering of a few card details unfortunately). The process is so easy it’s almost dangerous. In fact it can actually be quite dangerous.

The danger of online shopping lies not only in the ease with which one can use up their whole monthly pay in a single transaction because everything looks so enticing, but also in the inability to physically try any of the clothing on and thus running the risk of none of it fitting. Often the beauty of (real life) shopping is the thrill of sifting through the top that makes your shoulders too broad or skirt that is too baggy around the waist or the pattern that doesn’t match your skin-tone, to finally find that dress that fits just like a glove and makes you question if it’s really you staring back in the mirror.

When everything is done online, you can’t actually see (above your imagination) what things will look like when actually worn by you and how they will match your shape, size or skin-tone. Will they flaunt your assets or accentuate your flaws? Well you can’t really tell that from the stick-thin models wearing the clothing on the web-pages, which makes the guessing that little more difficult. Another, slightly more pertinent danger with online shopping is of course giving out credit card details over the internet with the risk of fraud or insecure websites.

Luckily, however, online stores and online shoppers alike have honed their skills so that buying stuff over the internet is largely safe and secure now, as are the clothing purchases made online. Stores generally give measurements around the main parts of the body for each item so that buyers can check exactly if a particular style will fit or not. They also offer different shades to purchase the ultimate colour and provide heaps of photos so you know exactly what you’re putting your money towards. And you also get that exhilerating, apprehensive feeling of receiving the package and finally trying on the garments you’ve been daydreaming about for the last few weeks or days.

Essentially, if done effectively, online shopping can be a highly rewarding experience that makes comparing prices and styles all the more easier, and often a lot cheaper too due to the elimination of the middle man. The key notes to remember are to check measurements, make sure the site has secure payments and try not to spend all your money at once – particularly the first few times, try dipping your toes in before jumping in head deep.

Here are some of the most popular online shopping sites, which offer the widest range of fashionable clothing and accessories at cheap prices.

The Iconic – ahhh the Iconic, the one stop spot for all women’s, men’s even children’s fashion needs. Super trendy clothes at super affordable prices.

ASOS – one of the first and biggest online stores to hit Australia, ASOS has a massive range clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and jewellery to suit every taste. Their prices are also incredibly competitive and you’d struggle to find cheaper fashion anywhere. ASOS also offers a 10% discount for students, which is great for all you poor students who didn’t think you could afford any new clothes – no excuses now!

Green With Envy – a little on the classier side, Green With Envy is a great place to go online for those nicer occasions and for the more expensive, sophisticated tastes.

Lady In Red – probably a less known site, Lady in Red is a very newly emerged online shopping site dedicated to mainly designer formal and night out dresses from such stylish labels as Living Doll, Seduce and straight from the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Bless’ed are the Meek.

Lucy In the Sky – cute, but also a little edgy, Lucy in the Sky would be a great place for beginner online shoppers to go to snatch up all the latest trends. It’s pretty difficult to wrong with these great styles. – Ausmode is dedicated to fostering Australia’s top and up-and-coming designers, so if you want to show your support for the flourishing Aussie fashion industry jump online now.

OZSALE – by signing up to Ozsale, you can take advantage of massive savings off the largest names in fashion. Each sale only lasts for very short periods of time though, so there’s no time to be indecisive here!

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