A Squeezing Treat

SqueakTeam August 7, 2012 0

WARNING: this blog is not about fashion! Shock horror. But it has to do with looking after your body, which I think is equally if not more important than looking good. Ever heard of the saying ‘Your body is your temple’?

And I know there are some out there that really do worship their own bodies. They spend enough time in front of a mirror inspecting every square inch for blemishes – long enough to form an imprint of their body in the mirror. Ok, so you’ve all figured that I enjoy my fair share of exaggeration – it’s just more humorous this way.

But this is not the type of love that I am referring to. Treating your body well means watching what goes on your body, and what goes into your body. It’s about watching what you eat, and making sure you provide your skin with the lotions and moisturisers so that winter does not turn your largest bodily organ into a desolate wasteland.

On a recent trip to Melbourne, a couple of friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a pampering session at an urban spa in South Melbourne called Body Freedom. Their set up was fabulous – providing a warm yet relaxing environment for the seasoned veterans and rookies alike. Once you walk in you are greeted with warm smiles and contagious hello’s.

After filling out a simple form., you’re escorted to a zen-filled room of relaxation where your massage session begins. The massage therapist talks you through the routine and encourages you to take deep breaths, while they lather you in oils and perform the most sensual and downright awesome techniques to help you relax. An hour later, I was feeling so zoned out because it felt like I took a trip to another realm – a realm where ponies and fairies and pixie dust existed. I opted only for a massage session. My friends went for a massage and facial. All I can say is that it was well worth it. Special thanks to Emma for treating me with gentleness and professionalism.

Personally, I think it is super important to look after your body. And yes it does mean cutting out the junk, toning it down on the alcohol and adding in a few more gym sessions and a massage or two. You only have one life and one body. Treat it with the respect it deserves. Don’t always say that there is never enough time. Make time! Your body, in the end, will thank you for it.

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