Valentines Day Gift Ideas for her

Squeakaholic February 5, 2009 0


Flowers are traditional and it might be a common and a cheesy gift but we girls love it! You can’t go wrong and there’s no excuse about having no time to go get them since you can order them online through places like Roses Only.


Grab her a nice fragrance and she’ll mention your name every time someone compliments on her sweet smell. The Perfume Empire boasts Australia’s largest range of French and prestige men and women’s fragrances and best of all you can grab it at up to 80% off what you would previously pay at department stores. Check out the Perfume Empire’s online store.

Beauty products & Cosmetics
Trust me boys, when you buy us girls beauty or skin products we love it, so don’t think twice. Just to help you out, we love brands like Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder or L’oreal. Find a great selection and great deals on the StrawberryNET Gifts & Specials page!

Sports gear

Is your girl a fitness junkie? Rebel Sport offers a wide range of sporting equipment and sports clothing, why not buy her some compression gear so she can perform at her peak or get her some more equipment like shoes or a yoga mat, it’s the best way to motivate and show your support and best of all you can purchase them through Rebel’s online store.

Teddy Bears

Another gift idea where you can’t go wrong is Teddy Bears. Just think about it, she’ll hug it at night when you’re not around and she’ll be reminded of you. You can also order them online and get them delivered on the day.


Want something different? Is your girl an adventure junkie? Then take a look at Freeman X, they offer a wide range of activities anything from hot air balloon ride to outdoor rock climbing. Best of all you can do it together and we’ll call it a date!

Digital Photo Frames

This has become really popular in the last few years, it’s definitely a great gift to give if you’re already in a relationship and have a few photos together. You can buy a digital photo frame, load your photos and take it up a notch by playing her favorite song in the background.


This one is really hard, but if you get it right it’s like 100 brownie points. Never assume just because you like it that she will, it can be as simple as the size of the button that she might not like or the whole garment. Or just imagine you buy the wrong size? That’s like -200 brownie points. Bring her best friend out to go shopping to choose something nice, worst case you can always blame her best friend 😉

Ugg Boots

Autumn is coming and winter isn’t too far behind. We girls love our Ugg Boots and we’ll wear them all time if we could. Grab a great deal during the off season at Ugg Boots Australia and save up to 60%.


If your girl is a bookworm then can’t go past Amazon for the latest or biggest range of books. If you don’t know what she wants then select one of her favourite books and then let Amazon recommend something for you. Can’t get easier than that can it?

Hope this helps boys!

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