Support our Aussie Teammates in Style

Squeakaholic August 2, 2012 0

Everyone is buzzing with excitement for the highly anticipated London 2012 Olympic Games. Only once in every four years, this world-wide event is the source of extreme comradeship, competition and support for our fellow nation’s representatives. So I’m sure many of you are searching for ways in which you can support our teammates from the comfort of your own home (other than simply yelling and cheering at your TV screens).

Well I think a perfect way that we can all do our bit to show our encouragement is to don our national colours of green and gold. But the trick is finding ways to do this, which can fit into your everyday lives and avoid making yourself look like an oompa loompa. Well I’ve been searching around for some fashion trends that you should adopt to cheer on our Aussie athletes in your own way.


Make your support well and truly known by donning a pair of brightly coloured shoes in either green or gold…or both.

Bared Footwear Puffin Loafer

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Loafers are a comfy and stylish add on to your outfit and this stunning shade of green will be sure to catch the eye of any passer by.

Yellow Ruched Front Chelsea Boots

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This style of boots have been everywhere this season so why not take your own little spin on this popular trend by adding some Aussie colour. Now on sale for only $45.25 online.

Why go for one when you can wear both? Show your Aussie colours through and through with these green and gold wedges from Polyvore now on sale.

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