Searching for Netbooks / Laptops Sales

Squeakaholic December 30, 2008 0

I was doing some research on Netbooks/Laptops because I needed to buy one for my sister as a present, I began by searching on the net and going to popular comparison sites like and but it only really gave the recommended retail price rather than the sale price. Luckily someone had kindly posted some laptop sales on which was perfect timing! JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Myers, David Jones and Harvey Norman were listed on the site so I checked those out and the prices were good but some of the retailers were only selling particular brands like Sony, Toshiba, HP etc. Myers had the Asus EeePC 7″ for $300 and they then reduced the price on boxing day to $249! That was a steal! But my sister wanted a 13″ laptop so I went around looking for more sales. I ended up purchasing the Asus F6A 13.3″ Laptop from MSY which they had for $1179 which is by far the cheapest around, the recommended retail price was over $1500 and Bing Lee had it on their website for $1600 but it did have better specs. MSY is a small franchise that only have a few stores around Australia so most people don’t know about them. The service is not that great but if you know what you want then you have no problems. It was good to know that these small stores can compete with the big retailers the only problem is knowing when their running sales. I’ll make sure that if I hear about their sales I’ll post it on – the sales search engine.

The learning from this was that it definitely pays off to shop around and find out which places are running sales, remembering that you don’t have to go to the big retailers to grab a good deal. The small stores can compete! So the next time you’re looking to buy a gift or something for yourself, make sure you take a look at whose running a sale on and make sure you grab it at the best price.

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