Christmas Shopping Tips & Gift Ideas

Squeakaholic October 2, 2008 0

Yes it’s that time of the year again. Time for the dreaded Christmas shopping!

Looking at the stores you’ll notice that the Christmas decorations are already up and they probably have been up for a while. Now, I’m not usually one of the ones that is organized enough to buy presents throughout the year so seeing the Christmas decorations around does bring on a bit of panic.

The next big question is what do you get?

It’s not always easy to buy gifts especially for the people you may not know very well or for those that seem to have everything. So here are a few suggestions:

1. Money can’t buy experiences – or can it?

You must have seen those Mastercard advertisements. There’s always a price for buying goods but the experience is PRICELESS.

Websites such as and are great for picking up a unique gift. You can choose the experience or you can buy a voucher and let the person choose. Experiences include cooking lessons, shark diving introduction, day spa treatments and many more.

2. Food for thought

If you have a ‘foodie’ for a friend – have you considered getting them a hamper of yummy goodies?

These hampers can be bought already packed or you can have fun and get the stuff yourself.

If you have the time, how about heading to a country town nearby such as Berrima or Farmer’s Markets and getting locally produced jams and goods? Not only will you be getting great quality produce but you’ll get to see a bit more of Australia.

3. One of a kind?

One of the best places to find the unique kind of presents is at the markets.

Now I’m talking about markets as in the crafts markets where craftspeople sell their goods. These can include things such as leather goods, paintings, jewelry, clothing and woodworks among many other things.

Getting something from the markets ensures that the gift is unique, you put some thought into the gift and you are supporting local craftspeople.

4. The weird and the wacky

Sometimes the gift that you need to get needs to be fun and light and the best kind of gifts for these you’ll find on the internet. You’ll be amazed at what you can find.

On the other hand sometimes it’s good to make your own gift based on what you know of the person. This can include a collage of funny photos, a treasure hunt to get the gift or a book of funny IOUs.

You need to think outside the box for this one but the end result is worthwhile.

Enjoy the great Christmas Sales on Squeak and have a great time with your Christmas shopping

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